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The Orozco’s Team

Servando Orozco is a mentor and business development coach with over thirty years of industry experience including over twenty as a shop owner. He is a consultant for Elite Worldwide helping shop owners increase their volume, market effectively, and sharpen their people skills. He was described by Ratchet Wrench Magazine as a marketing “Guru”. Servando has developed a strong well-trained team of experts that know how to grow your business and help you take your shop to the next level and levels beyond. They will support you and your team with marketing and coaching; not just initially, but ongoing. They will guide you through every step as you build your volume and enhance your team.
“In today’s competitive business environment, those with the tools, systems, knowledge, and marketing should succeed”. -Servando Orozco

Our Mission

Success of our Franchises

Orozco’s Franchise is an auto service franchise geared to effectively increasing volume, efficiency, productivity, profitability and customer loyalty at existing auto service shops. We focus on personal development, training, marketing, branding, customer service, and community involvement. Our commitment to you is not just at the time that you convert your auto service location to an Orozco’s Auto Service, but ongoing. We are there with continued training, operations advice, marketing and social media guidance. Your success is our success. Our franchise allows you to benefit from our extensive industry experience and expertise without paying a franchise fee. How Orozco’s helps grow your business We provide you with the tools and guidance to enable you to run an efficient location while building your business. You will receive outstanding support for each area of the business including:


  • Training will be scheduled according to your needs
  • Initial training at our headquarters in Long Beach, CA
  • Onsite training at your location
  • Refresher training twice per year
  • Ongoing support training

Operational Support

  • Management training
  • Timing and schedule management
  • Ongoing access to experts

Marketing and Sales Support

  • How to attract and retain customers
  • How to build great customer relationships
  • How to get referrals
  • We develop a website and page for your location
  • We work with you on your social media

Do You Qualify?

How The Conversion Process Works

You will be converting and rebranding your existing auto service shop into an Orozco’s Auto Service location with a protected territory. You will have the benefit of our franchised system of operations, marketing, customer service and great record of customer retention and reviews. You are not doing this alone.

The process starts with a Pre-Conversion Shop Evaluation and review of your current operation. We then prepare a detailed report including estimated costs to convert to an Orozco’s Auto Service Franchise. We jointly discuss the items we believe necessary to improve your operation prior to your signing the Franchise Agreement. We are not looking to spend your money, but to cost effectively do those things we believe will give you the best opportunity to increase revenue and make you more efficient and productive. There is no commitment until you sign the Franchise Agreement.

We believe the process will take approximately one month from the time you sign the Franchise Agreement to conclude training and make any necessary adjustments. You can continue operating while any adjustments and training are ongoing. No royalty or marketing fund fees will be charged during this one month period.

Our shops are NAPA Auto Care Centers which allows us to provide nationwide coverage and instant brand recognition. We recommend that you also join NAPA.

When deciding whether to offer an Orozco’s Franchise, we look for shop owners who have high personal standards, a commitment to excellent service, and a willingness to be coached. The franchisees we bring into our Orozco’s family reflect upon not just Orozco’s Franchise, but all franchisees and affiliates.